Consequence Modelling

BMT WBM has a wealth of experience in assisting global oil and gas companies looking to exceed stringent safety standards required when designing offshore facilities.

Our specialized risk and safety analysis engineers are highly skilled in the use of leading-edge CFD / FEA software packages (e.g. FLACS, KFX, Ansys-CFX/Fluent, Abaqus, FDS, USFOS and PHAST) which are specifically designed to assess the risks of explosions, gas releases and fires on major hazard facilities. Understanding the consequences of these hazards is paramount in order to minimise the risks associated with potential loss of life. Our technical expertise supports the diverse range of oil and gas engineering challenges and ensures that projects are delivered to the highest standard.

CFD Consequence Modelling

  • Explosion modelling
  • Full probabilistic blast analysis 
  • Fire and smoke modelling 
  • Turbine exhaust studies 
  • Helideck operations

Structural  Consequence Modelling

  • Structural response of explosion loads
  • Structural response of fire loads 
  • Explosion impact analysis on critical facilities 
  • Fire impact analysis on critical facilities