Hardware and Software

Special Products

BMT WBM has designed many ‘special purpose machines’ for customers with specific requirements.

Special Products

520 X 250 Machinery Products

BMT WBM has developed a fully automatic robotic wagon vibrator.  A number of these are now operating in Queensland Coal Terminals.  

These include the design and production of robotic wagon vibrators for release of coal from wagons to self propelled, remotely controlled vehicles for transporting pipeline segments, to portable numerically controlled grinding machinery for dragline slew bearings and for rotary breakers.

Operation of the vibrators is monitored remotely by a single operator, located in an  acoustically-treated, air-conditioned control room.

The vibrator's control system incorporates a comprehensive system of self-diagnosis to facilitate the rapid resolution of equipment problems.  The system is also connected to and integrated with site SCADA networks, to permit remote interrogation and the logging of vibrator performance.